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The Contemporary History of Iran - Part 3: "Farah Diba and The Rise of Iranian Art"

“Farah Diba and the Rise of Iranian Art” – Part 3 of the new Roqe Media series, The Contemporary History of Iran. How much did young Queen Farah shape the trajectory of arts and culture for Iran in the mid-20th Century? And specifically, what was her impact and influence in bringing art, culture and museums to Iran in the 1960s and 70s? Iranian-American scholar, art advisor and curator, Dr. Layla Diba, the first woman museum director in Iran, joins Jian Ghomeshi from New York City to make the case that Farah Diba’s role was enormous during the final years of the Pahlavi era, in reshaping the collection, appreciation, and global recognition of Persian art for years to come.

“فرح دیبا و طلوع هنر ایرانی”،  قسمت سوم از سری جدید رک مدیا،  تاریخ معاصر ایران. چقدر ملکه فرح جوان به شکل دهی فرهنگ و هنر ایران در اواسط قرن بیستم کمک کرد؟  و بخصوص در دهه های ۶٠ و ٧٠ میلادی چه تاثیری بر آوردن هنر،  فرهنگ و موزه ها به ایران داشت؟ چهره دانشگاهی،  مشاور هنری و مجموعه دار ایرانی-آمریکایی،  دکتر لیلا دیبا،  اولین زن مدیر موزه در ایران از نیویورک به ژیان ملحق می‌شود تا درباره نقش برجسته فرح دیبا در آخرین سال‌های دوران پهلوی در شکل گیری،  شکوه بخشی، اعتبار بخشی و معرفی هنر ایران به جهان در سال‌های پیش رو صحبت کنند.

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❀✿Nowruz 2021 Home Video!✿❀ - Farsi with Subtitles

Dear friends - this month our little independent program hit 1,000,000 cumulative streams across our platforms.

We launched Roqe in April 2020 on a mission to create an audio-visual encyclopedia of Iranian diaspora identity. Since then, our audience has increased exponentially with no marketing budget or network backing. We just had our biggest month ever. We are humbled and thrilled with the growth and we want to thank all of you who have believed in us and supported us this far.

The idea of creating a long-form/in-depth interview program focused on the Iranian diaspora – in English – was considered too ambitious or too niche by some when we first announced it. But there is a global community of people who have demonstrated they are ready for this.

Our analytics show a diverse audience that is growing on every continent. The top countries are Canada, USA, Iran, UK and Australia (in that order). Over 75% of our audience is between the ages of 22-49, and 61% female. And, the listen-through rate on our chief platforms averages over one hour per episode(!).

We are still a new project, and we continue to need support in whatever way anyone can give it – from subscriptions to sponsorships or investors. But we just wanted to announce this milestone and say thank you. As ever, our goal to build the connective-tissue of our Iranian community remains paramount. 🙏🏽
– Jian, Mehrdad and the Roqe Team.

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