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 Ep. 132 - From Refugee to Billionaire... - Ali Parsa

A feature interview with Iranian-British entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Babylon Health, Dr. Ali Parsa. Ali joins Jian from London for a heartfelt conversation about perseverance, vision, escaping from Iran as a refugee, getting a PhD in engineering physics, his time as a successful investment banker, pivoting to the healthcare space, and getting added to the UK “rich list” as one of the wealthiest people in Britain. Plus the Roqe Team goes through audience feedback and the Letters of the Week.

Roqe Funnies #8 – 

“Issa & Moossa Walk Into a Bar”…


Jian gets vaccinated only to find out his dose has no status with Persians…

JulyFull Interview: Episode.119  (May/2021)

Roqe moment  – 

Surgeon and Netflix star Dr. Sheila Nazarian…

 با زیرنویس فارسی

Surgeon and Netflix star Dr. Sheila Nazarian on calling out unrealistic images posted on Instagram… With Farsi Subtitles

Full Interview: Episode.131

Jian Ghomeshi on roqe media podcast

This is a 3-Part series based on interviews conducted in 2020. On the 40th anniversary year of the death of the Shah, we aim to assess the current accepted understanding of the history of Iran in the last century, the place of the Pahlavi Dynasty, and the precipitants of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The series features three well-known thinkers who have all deeply studied the Pahlavi era and have differing opinions on the legacy of Mohammad Reza Shah, four decades after his death in exile. 


Part 1: Dr Abbas Milani, Director of Iranian Studies at Stanford University and author of the definitive biography entitled, “The Shah.”

Part 2: The writer and historian, Andrew Scott Cooper, author of the book, “The Fall of Heaven: The Pahlavis and the Final Days of Imperial Iran.”

Part 3: The Iranian historian, Mohammad Amini, author of the book, “Tradesmanship with History.”

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Jian GHomeshi and Rana Mansour

A feature interview with Iranian-American singer-songwriter Rana Mansour

Rana joins Jian for a very frank conversation about being a musical child prodigy growing up in Washington DC, early years at Berklee College of Music and releasing English records, her move into the Persian music marketplace, frustrations at lack of industry recognition and self-criticism, working with her father as a songwriting partner, and the interesting paradox of being celebrated for her sublime voice and captivating performances in Persian, despite being born and raised in the USA and never having actually been to Iran. 

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Jian Ghomeshi on An interview with iconic Iranian filmmaker Bahman Farmanara in Tehran about censorship, mortality, and speaking out.

An interview with iconic Iranian filmmaker Bahman Farmanara in Tehran about censorship, mortality, and speaking out.

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❀✿Nowruz 2021 Home Video!✿❀ - Farsi with Subtitles

Dear friends - this month our little independent program hit 1,000,000 cumulative streams across our platforms.

We launched Roqe in April 2020 on a mission to create an audio-visual encyclopedia of Iranian diaspora identity. Since then, our audience has increased exponentially with no marketing budget or network backing. We just had our biggest month ever. We are humbled and thrilled with the growth and we want to thank all of you who have believed in us and supported us this far.

The idea of creating a long-form/in-depth interview program focused on the Iranian diaspora – in English – was considered too ambitious or too niche by some when we first announced it. But there is a global community of people who have demonstrated they are ready for this.

Our analytics show a diverse audience that is growing on every continent. The top countries are Canada, USA, Iran, UK and Australia (in that order). Over 75% of our audience is between the ages of 22-49, and 61% female. And, the listen-through rate on our chief platforms averages over one hour per episode(!).

We are still a new project, and we continue to need support in whatever way anyone can give it – from subscriptions to sponsorships or investors. But we just wanted to announce this milestone and say thank you. As ever, our goal to build the connective-tissue of our Iranian community remains paramount. 🙏🏽
– Jian, Mehrdad and the Roqe Team.

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