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Ep. #108 - Kashi Azad

A feature interview with the Australian-Iranian founder of Persian Yoga, Kashi Azad. Kashi is a former electrical engineer, chiropractic doctor, and MBA, who has become a martial arts mentor and has set his sights on introducing the world to Iranian ‘Pahlavani’ sport. Kashi joins Jian from Sydney to discuss teaching the most ancient living art of strength and physical culture, the nature of the ‘zoorkhaneh’ space, and his growing global popularity online with what he has coined, Persian Yoga.

Bahman Ghobadi on not having a phone and detaching from social media

(با زیرنویس)


Bahman Ghobadi is The acclaimed Iranian-Kurdish film director, producer, and writer, Bahman Ghobadi. 

Farid Zoland on the anger that comes with years of getting zero compensation…


The legendary songwriter/composer Farid Zoland about compensation, copyright, and hoping to finally be paid what he deserves.

❀✿Nowruz 2021 Home Video! - Farsi with Subtitles ✿❀

Faramarz Aslani: I First Fell in Love at Six Years Old… (با زیرنویس)


Iranian music icon, Faramarz Aslani.

The beloved and respected composer, songwriter, instrumentalist and man with a “satin voice”


Max Amini on being an American kid moving to Iran in the 1980s…

(با زیرنویس فارسی)


Iranian-American comedian and actor, Max Amini.

In a wide-ranging conversation Max opens up to Jian about navigating comedy in difficult times.

interview with Reza Pakravan

A feature interview with Iranian-British explorer and documentarian, Reza Pakravan. Reza joins Jian from the UK to discuss his life as an adventurer, motivational speaker and writer who left a lucrative corporate job in London in his late-30s to explore the world and challenge himself. He has since become a two-time World Record holder for crossing the Sahara Desert by bicycle in 13 days, and “Fastest Bicycle Journey” from the Arctic Circle through the length of the planet to Cape Town, South Africa in 102 days. Reza now presents and produces popular TV adventure programs and docs on the world’s top networks such as BBC, Fox, Aljazeera, and a series on Amazon Prime.

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Fay Arjomandi on roqe with Jian Ghomeshi

An interview with entrepreneur and tech leader Fay Arjomandi. She left Iran as a teenage refugee. Now she is a successful CEO.

Fay joins Jian to discuss disruption, determination, development and a new invention for containing the Covid19 pandemic.

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Farzane Milani on roqe

An interview with acclaimed author, poet and scholar, Farzaneh Milani.

Farzaneh, a professor of Persian literature and women’s studies at the University of Virginia, joins Jian to recount her story of emigrating from Iran to America and becoming a foremost authority on Iranian women writers, her passion for female literature and Forough Farrokhzad in particular, and what she has recently termed, a “threshold” perspective among writers in the diaspora.

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in depth interview with sussan deyhim

A feature interview with celebrated Iranian-American composer, vocalist, and performance artist, Sussan Deyhim. Sussan joins Jian to reflect on her journey from Iran to professional ballet in Europe, working with the likes of Peter Gabriel in America, and creating a unique sonic and vocal language rooted in Persian poetry and mysticism.

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Farid Zoland interview on roqe

An in-depth interview with legendary songwriter/composer Farid Zoland about compensation, copyright, and hoping to finally be paid what he deserves. The man behind dozens and dozens of hit songs in Persian music by icons like Googoosh, Dariush, Ebi and Hayedeh, joins Jian to talk about how he has received little to no significant compensation and recognition for a catalogue of melodies that most Iranians know by heart. The interview is conducted in both English and Farsi (with English subtitles).

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in depth interview with poone ghoddoosi

A feature interview with world-renowned television anchor, radio presenter, and senior producer, Pooneh Ghoddoosi. Pooneh has spent over two decades at the BBC as a TV presenter on BBC World in English, a host on BBC Persian TV and radio in Persian, and now a business head of Global Partnerships at the BBC World Service.

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Iranian Canadian Ahmad Alan SakhavarzA feature interview with acclaimed Iranian-Canadian sculptor, painter and cartoonist, Ahmad Alan Sakhavarz. Ahmad joins Jian to discuss his remarkable and award-winning career in three acts – from his work as a prominent political cartoonist at famous magazines and newspapers in Iran, to his move to Canada and transition into popular wildlife painter, to – finally – his evolution into world-renowned sculptor.

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Exploring the deep and surprising connection between Iranians and the legendary British rock band.

E72 special png
  • Part one is entitled, “Fandom and Context” and features Ali Azimi (London), Dara Daraee (Tehran), Ramin Sadighi (Tehran) and Roya Arab (London).
  • Part Two  is entitled, “Sonics, Class, and Connection” and features Reza Moghaddas (Toronto), Amir Bahari (Tehran), and Sepp Osley (London).
  • Part Three  is entitled, “Drugs, Access and Melancholy” and features Arash Sobhani (Stockholm), Siamak Shirazi (Portland), Maral Mohammadi (London), and Ehsan Sadigh (Toronto)
  • Part Four  is entitled, “Storytelling, Classics and Conclusions” and features Loga Ramin Torkian (Los Angeles), Anoush Saboktakin (New York), Sanaz Sotoudeh (Dubai), and Arash Mitooie (Tehran).

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The special recap and summary of the full 4-part Roqe seriesWhy Pink Floyd: An Iranian Obsession.

Jian presides over a countdown of the top ten elements discovered upon evaluating the deep connection between the Iranian people and the legendary British rock band, Pink Floyd.

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A feature interview with pioneering Iranian-American food blogger Azita Houshiar.

Azita joins Jian to discuss food as culture and identity, and the growing prominence of Persian cuisine in the online space, as well as her love for Iran, her TEDx talk in Tehran, and her decision to stay in Iran more permanently.
interview with pioneering Iranian-American food blogger Azita Houshiar Roqe Media

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