Ep. 41 - Season 1 - Behdad Esfahbod, Melissa Shoshahi, Roqe Roundtable

An interview with Behdad Esfahbod, widely regarded to be a tech genius, the creator of Persian text on the internet, and a former employee at Google, about his recent harrowing trip to Iran and detention at the hands of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard. Also, Iranian-American comedian Melissa Shoshahi joins Jian on her Travel Ban comedy show. Plus the Roqe Roundtable with special guest psychotherapist and author Alireza Taheri, and the Letters of the Week with the Roqe team.

Roqe moment. 6 – Behdad Esfahbod on the IRGC puppets – Instagram

Roqe moment. 7 – Behdad Esfahbod on the Iranian regime using fear as a weapon… – Instagram

Part. 1

Part. 2

Part. 3

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