Ep. 46 - Season 1 - Max Amini

A feature interview with Iranian-American comedian and actor, Max Amini. In a wide-ranging conversation Max opens up to Jian about navigating comedy in difficult times, a knack for improvisation, the challenges of being an oddball American kid in revolutionary Iran, and his ongoing commitment to working hard and spreading positivity.

Roqe moment. 53 – Max Amini on being an American kid moving to Iran in the 1980s… – Instagram

Part. 1

Part. 2

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  1. Saeed Kh. says:

    Dear Jian,

    I am fan of the work you have been doing in the program called Q in the past and also now in Roqe. I adore what you do and please keep up the great job you are doing for Iranian community.


    1. Roqe Media says:

      Thank you Saeed for your kind and heartwarming comments. We are grateful that you are a fan of our program.

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