Ep. 28 - Season 1 - Shally Zomorodi

A feature interview with San Diego broadcaster Shally Zomorodi. The award-winning journalist, known for her ebullience, joins Jian to discuss identity, feeling like an outsider, balancing work and family, and being a proud Iranian despite growing up in the diaspora.

Ep. 135 – The Broadcasters

Roqe moment. 41 – Broadcaster Shally Zomorodi on growing up Iranian and wearing it with pride now… – Instagram

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1 comment

  1. Fatemeh says:

    I knew Shally Zomorodi from her instagram feed…watching her dance with her kids and colleagues. But the interview revealed the depth of her passion for teaching others about our culture and our people. While you can hear the happiness in her voice it was evident from listening to her that she cares deeply about what’s happening in the world and wants to inform and educate her audience about it too. Thank you for sharing your story with us listeners Shally joon…I have hope that my kids will also speak Farsi like you someday 🙂

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