Roqe moment -  Psychologist and author Dr. Fathali Moghaddam...
 بازیرنویس زبان فارسی

Psychologist and author Dr. Fathali Moghaddam on the current global backward slide into authoritarianism…


With Farsi Subtitles

Full Interview: Episode.142

Roqe moment -  Legendary singer-songwriter Faramarz Aslani ...
 بازیرنویس زبان فارسی

Legendary singer-songwriter Faramarz Aslani on having his newfound stardom supplanted by the revolution in 1979…


With Farsi Subtitles

Full Interview: Episode.100

Roqe moment -  Award-winning journalist Pooneh Ghoddoosi...
 بازیرنویس زبان فارسی

Award-winning journalist Pooneh Ghoddoosi on trying to stay sane whilst covering global crises…

With Farsi Subtitles

Full Interview: Episode.102 , Episode. 135-The Broadcasters

Roqe moment - Surgeon and Netflix star Dr. Sheila Nazarian... 
 بازیرنویس زبان فارسی

Surgeon and Netflix star Dr. Sheila Nazarian on calling out unrealistic images posted on Instagram…

With Farsi Subtitles

Full Interview: Episode.131

Roqe moment - Queer Musician and Actor Kayvon Zand
 بازیرنویس زبان فارسی

on gender pronouns, identity and finding a space to fit in…

Full Interview: Episode.129

Roqe moment - Legendary photographer Firooz Zahedi...
 بازیرنویس زبان فارسی

on what he most learned from Elizabeth Taylor…

Full Interview: Episode.125

Roqe moment - Comedian and commentator Hoda Jarrah: I Am Not Afraid to Die...
 بازیرنویس زبان فارسی

with Iranian-American pioneer bodybuilder and social media influencer, Hoda Jarrah.

Full Interview: Episode.91

Roqe moment - Comedian and commentator Sahar Golshani on why Iranians (disproportionately) care what others think... 
 بازیرنویس زبان فارسی

The Iranian-Canadian comedian, commentator and host of the podcast, “Unfiltered,” Sahar Golshani. Sahar has become a popular online presence for her funny posts and poignant observations on being Persian in the diaspora. She joins Jian in the Roqe Studio for a wide-ranging discussion about cultural practises, (not) caring what others think, destructive attitudes of Iranians, her clothing line, and very candid personal reflection on growing up with a dangerous and absentee father.

Full Interview: Episode.121

Roqe moment - Doctor Angie Sadeghi on how giving up dairy and meat changed her life...
 بازیرنویس زبان فارسی

What are the benefits of cutting dairy and meat from your diet? Popular Iranian-American gastroenterologist and vegan diet advocate Dr Angie Sadeghi joins Jian for a feature interview about her journey from dreaming of being a doctor as a kid in war-ravaged Iran, to becoming a medical professional, and then embarking on a mission to share her story of giving up meat and dairy and dramatically transforming her life for the better.

Full Interview: Episode.111

Roqe moment - Poet and activist Hila Sedighi... بازیرنویس انگلیسی؛ به زبان فارسی

A feature interview with Iranian poet, painter and social activist, Hila Sedighi. Hila joins Jian from Dubai for a rare long-form interview discussing her journey from young writer, law student, and organizer in Tehran, to becoming the symbol of youth resistance and power during the Green Movement protests after the disputed presidential election of 2009.

Full Interview: Episode.117

Roqe moment - Comedian Neema Nazeri on opening up about mental health, and finding his focus in recovery…. با زیرنویس فارسی

A fun-filled episode including a feature interview with Iranian-Canadian comedian and actor, Neema Nazeri. Neema has become an internet sensation with his zany characters, funny accents, and dancing videos with mom.

Full Interview: Episode.115

Roqe moment - Comedian and Actor Peter Banifaz ... با زیرنویس فارسی

Iranian-American actor and comedian Peter (Payam) Banifaz. Peter is a familiar face to many from his appearances in dozens of popular TV shows including Veep, Silicon Valley, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as well as his recurring role on the hit series, Shameless.

Full Interview: Episode.104

Roqe moment - Singer-Songwriter Rana Mansour... با زیرنویس فارسی

Iranian-American singer-songwriter Rana Mansour. Rana joins Jian for a very frank conversation about being a musical child prodigy growing up in Washington DC, early years at Berklee College of Music and releasing English records, her move into the Persian music marketplace, frustrations at lack of industry recognition and self-criticism, working with her father as a songwriting partner, and the interesting paradox of being celebrated for her sublime voice and captivating performances in Persian, despite being born and raised in the USA and never having actually been to Iran.

Full Interview: Episode.112

Roqe Video Moment - Shirin Nasseri: My Outlet is Dance... با زیرنویس فارسی

The popular Iranian-British TV personality, documentarian, and social media influencer, Shirin Nasseri.She joins Jian from London for a very frank interview about her nomadic childhood, her lifelong love affair with dance, her years as a broadcaster at Manoto Television (and her difficult final days at that network), and her commitment to being genuine and refusing to submit to culturally-mandated expectations.

Full Interview: Episode.109

Roqe Video Moment - Bahman Ghobadi on not having a phone and detaching from social media...

The acclaimed Iranian-Kurdish film director, producer, and writer, Bahman Ghobadi. The award-winning creative force behind films including, “A Time for Drunken Horses,” “Turtles Can Fly,” and “No One Knows About Persian Cats,” joins Jian for a rare long-form conversation about his life journey, lessons learned, his rejection of material goods, his mission to support Kurdish youth, and new projects with Martin Scorsese and Roger Waters.

Full Interview: Episode.105

Roqe Video Moment - Faramarz Aslani: I First Fell in Love at Six Years Old...

The beloved and respected composer, songwriter, instrumentalist and man with a “satin voice” joins Jian for a very rare English in-depth life interview.

Full Interview: Episode.100

Roqe Video Moment - Faramarz Aslani: I Was Told I Should Not Write My Own Lyrics...

The beloved and respected composer, songwriter, instrumentalist and man with a “satin voice” joins Jian for a very rare English in-depth life interview.

Full Interview: Episode.100

Roqe Video Moment - Kimia Yousefi: My Law Degree Didn’t Prevent Me Getting Judged for Being a Waitress

Kimia Yousefi is a British-Iranian law graduate who has turned to the internet to create very popular and funny videos and commentary about Persian culture, language and stereotypes

Full Interview: Episode.98

Roqe Video Moment - Arghavan: Why I No Longer Belong to One Country.

Arghavan is an Iranian-Swedish artist, author, and singer. She was the UN Ambassador Women in Sweden from 2014-2019. Her latest project is called, Artdom.

Full Interview: Episode.98

Roqe Video Moment - Bahador Alast: When a Language Game Becomes Political

The Iranian-Canadian engineer and YouTube sensation, Bahador Alast. Bahador joins Jian in the Roqe Studio to talk about his popular YouTube series that explores commonalities in language.

Full Interview: Episode.97

Roqe Video Moment - Sussan Deyhim on the pros and cons of being Iranian....

Acclaimed Iranian-American singer, composer and performance artist, Sussan Deyhim, reflects on her pride in being Iranian, despite all the challenges and shortcomings of the current reality in Iran.

Full Interview: Episode.95

Roqe Video Moment - Pedram Shojai: Overcoming Our Screen Time Addiction

A Roqe Video Moment with with Iranian-American author, Qigong master, and filmmaker, Pedram Shojai, also popularly known as The Urban Monk – which serves as the title of his New York Times Bestseller. Pedram is the founder of Well.Org and the Urban Monk Academy, as well as a director and podcaster

Full Interview: Episode.96

Roqe Video Moment - Bahar Eslami: How I became a "threat" to the Iranian government.

A Roqe Video Moment with Popular Iranian-Canadian fashion blogger and journalist Bahar Eslami explains how her career was halted by Iranian authorities in 2018 when she was sentenced to 10 years in prison for allegedly “corrupting the minds of young people” before fleeing to Canada.

Full Interview: Episode.93

Roqe Video Moment - Hoda Jarrah: My Iranian role model was...Arnold Schwarzenegger!

A Roqe Video Moment with Iranian-American pioneer bodybuilder and social media influencer, Hoda Jarrah.


Full Interview: Episode.91

Roqe Moment - Hoda Jarrah:I was forced out, but I won't give up on Iran.

A Roqe Video Moment with Iranian-American pioneer bodybuilder and social media influencer, Hoda Jarrah.


Full Interview: Episode.91

Roqe Moment - Armin Amiri:
My Favourite Medicine (Ayahuasca)

Armin recalls his journey into the soul: Sharing his Personal Ayahuasca Experience, something he has done about 20 times.


Full Interview: Episode.89

Roqe Moment - Armin Amiri:
How Michael Jackson saved me from the refugee camp

Armin joins from Los Angeles to recount his wild journey from Iran as a kid dreaming of being in the movies, his fateful encounter with Michael Jackson


Full Interview: Episode.89

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