Ep. 57 - Season 1 - Special Edition: The Case for Nasrin

A special edition of Roqe: The Case for Nasrin. Iranian lawyer and human rights activist Nasrin Sotoudeh has been sentenced to 38 years in prison in Iran for defending those charged with political offences. While she was just awarded the Alternative Nobel Prize for human rights, her imprisonment continues, her situation is dire, and due to a hunger strike and heart issues, she is in a weakened state. We are joined by a diversity of voices from around the world to speak to the importance of Nasrin and the symbolic nature of her case, including: Elahe Sharifpour Hicks, Natalie Amiri, Ramin Jahanbegloo, Abdolkarim Lahiji, Mehrangiz Kar, Hossein Raeesi, Jeff Kaufman, and a message from Nasrin Sotoudeh’s husband, Reza Khandan, in Tehran.

Roqe minute. 17 – Reza Khandan on current health of Nasrin Sotoudeh… – Instagram

Part. 1

Part. 2

Part. 3

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  1. A says:

    Thanks Roqe team. I follow and enjoy your program. It might seem painful and not sure you even attempted or not for this episode, but for cases like this it would take the program to another level if you could try to reach out to “the other side” or at least invite someone sitting on the fence, or simply closer to the other side to actually hear their calculations, or even justifications. I trust you will not face any shortage of such guests in Toronto. My apologies for the anonymity of the message.

    1. Roqe Team says:

      Thank you for your support and for listening to our program. We take all feedback about our program into consideration.

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