Ep. 35 - Season 1 - Firouz Naderi

An interview with renowned Iranian-American scientist and leading figure at NASA, Dr. Firouz Naderi. Firouz joins Jian to discuss the latest Mars mission, the importance of space exploration, the “blessing and curse” of a dual national identity, speaking out about Trump and the regime in Iran, and the emotional toll of dealing with detractors in social media.

Roqe moment. 46 – NASA scientist Firouz Naderi on the latest Mars mission and what to come next… – Instagram

Roqe moment. 100 – Scientist and NASA veteran Firouz Naderi on polarization and hurtful labels in social media… – Instagram

Ep. 164 – NASA Notables – Firouz Naderi & Barmac Taleghani

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