Ep. 29 - Season 1 - Mansour Farhang

An interview with educator, writer, and human rights advocate, Mansour Farhang. In an engaging and wide-ranging chat, Professor Farhang, now 84, recounts the story of being arrested for the first time in Iran for advocating as a 16-year old for former PM Mosaddegh, lessons learned from his stint as Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations in 1979, escaping Iran after the revolution while many of his contemporaries were executed, and his work with Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch over the last 40 years in the United States. Plus, the Roqe Roundtable convenes – with special guest Niloofar Ghorashi – to discuss the Farhang interview and ideas inspired by Shally Zomorodi in the last Roqe episode.

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