With this year’s Nowruz marking a new century in the Iranian calendar (1400), Roqe sets out to explore what Iran was, and who Iranians were, in their pre-Islamic era (pre-650 AD). Dr. Richard Foltz, an author and historian who specializes in the history of Iranian civilization sits down with Jian for a feature interview covering the impact of ancient Iran on global civilization and the common threads of continuity between Iranians before Islam and Iranians of today. Richard Foltz is a Professor of Religions and Cultures at Concordia University in Montréal. He is the author of numerous books including, “Iran in World History” and his most recent book, “A History of the Tajiks: Iranians of the East.” Plus, the Roqe Team convenes with letters of the week, and a discussion on the merits of intermittent fasting.

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