Ep. 23 - Season 1 - Chef Hoss Zare

An interview with Chef Hoss Zare about his mission to bring the foundations and flare of Persian cuisine to the world. Chef Hoss is the renowned and charming Executive Chef at Google, and joins Jian to talk about flavour fascination as a kid in Iran, mastering the foodie world in San Francisco, and pursuing a philosophy that Iranian cuisine can and should morph and move beyond strict traditional expectations. + the Roqe team debates Persian food and vegetarianism, and Kyan brings the Letters of the Week.



Ep. 65 – Special Edition: Remembering Maradona

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  1. Ali Akbarpour says:

    JIAN معنی نام
    Jian is a Muslim Girl name and it is an Urdu originated name with multiple meanings. Jian name meaning in Persian is Life, زندگی.

    1. Roqe Media says:

      Thank you for your interesting research on Jian’s name! In Farsi Jian also means “brave” and “bold”.

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