A special edition of Roqe: A Tribute to Shajarian. On the day of the passing of the iconic Maestro Mohammad-Reza Shajarian, we are joined by important voices from the Iranian global community, including: Abbas Milani, Babak Amini, Arsalan Kamkar, Golrokh Aminian, Iraj Janati Ataie, Erfan, Hooman Khalatbari, Hamed Nikpay, Fariba Davoodi, Amir Koushkani, Farid Zoland, Safoura Safavi, Yahya Alkhansa , Hamid Motebassem and Ali Azimi.

A Roqe Minute #10

Abbas Milani on how Shajarian was inspiring him on a daily basis…

A Roqe Minute #11

Arsalan Kamkar on the untouchable voice of Shajarian…

A Roqe Minute #12

Hamed Nikpay on how Shajarian gave him singing advice…

A Roqe Minute #13

Babak Amini on Shajarian being a universal teacher…

A Roqe Minute #14

Erfan Paydar on Shajarian being the G.O.A.T

A Roqe Minute #15

Hooman Khalatbari on Maestro Shajarian as a man of the people…

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  1. Allen Teb says:

    Hi Gian Jan,
    I am so happy that you made this program in English language. This effort will be a great job that the other nations get a chance to know and hear about our great Master musician Siavash( that he had chosen pen name for himself) Shajarian. We lost him, but his work will remain for us and for all human around the world for ever. his work will become mankind heritage. He moved the Persian music level to a grater level. He was honest with his fans and connected all hearts together and to him with his magical voice and his wonderful life manner. he stood with people and people also stood for him and cried. I was so lucky that was living in his age. Viva Shajarian

    1. Roqe Media says:

      Thank you for listening to Roqe’s special edition in memory of Maestro Shajarian. He definitely was a musical and cultural legend. ??

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