Tooraj Tehrani 


AAAAAA Captain Reza I like your AAAA!!! Nice work, I started listening to your podcast about two months ago and already listened to %90 percent of it. Jian jan, please have a little bit of talk about yourself, I had to google about you to know what a successful person you are. I really admire you and this program, it’s had a big impact in my life, and definitely a great source for the next generation. Keep up the great work. I wish I could write more, but just one suggestion: please include some of the new generation of Iranian artists and scholars inside Iran on your program. I know a lot of people who studied outside of Iran and went back there to contribute to their country. Their life is inspirational.

Setare_Art (username)

All my respect for Sahar and Jian, you always feature the best conversations as usual🙏🙏🌷🌷

Sahar, you’re most beautiful first & foremost inside, and mashallah on the outside. You’re like candy (Shirin).


Also, loved the last part with Kyan’s story. Love you guys. Great job and kudos to your team. 🙏🙏🌷🌷

Tahmineh (Tammy) Kamza

Hello to my beautiful roqe team,
I listen to you every day while driving to work and back. I’ve learned so much about our culture and have been inspired by many. I’ve laughed a lot and shed some tears.
I dreamt about being rich and helping aghaye Ghobadi with his dreams, so I reached out to him and thanked him. And guess what Reza? He personally responded to me lol.
I talked to every one of my Canadian clients about our female wrestling champion, I made a new tahdig dish, and got a new blouse from La Femme Roje…
I fell in love with our previous king and cried for his pain… I watched Raya with a new sense of pride…
And it’s all thanks to you guys for doing what you do…
Love you my beautiful Roqe team, and Jian I’m so glad your voice is part of my daily routine again ❤️

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