The Roqe funnies #17

“Mostafa and the Camels”

Acclaimed filmmaker and visual artist Mostafa Heravi recalls the time he attempted to travel to China by camel… – Instagram

Episode.85 (FEB, 2021)


The Roqe funnies #16

The Original Wonder Women!

The team finds out the original Amazon fighters were Persian women… – Instagram

Episode.76 (Jan/2021)


The Roqe funnies #15

“The Dog of Water”

Jian and Kyan are confounded by the Persian word for “beaver”… – Instagram

Episode.146 (Sep/2021)


The Roqe funnies #14

“The Daaf and the Paaf”

The team grapples with the Persian expressions for “hot” girl and guy… – Instagram

Episode.127 (Jul/2021)


The Roqe funnies #13

“Disappointing the Persian Mom”

Jian’s on-air admission to eating KFC leads to a run-in with his dear mother… – Instagram

Episode.70 (Dec/2020)


The Roqe funnies #12

“The Feta Failure”

Jian wonders why people are surprised that he’s kinda tall… – Instagram

Episode.67 (Dec/2020)


The Roqe funnies #11

The Short Cut”

Jian wonders why people are surprised that he’s kinda tall… – Instagram

Episode.116 (July/2021)


The Roqe funnies #10

“My Shit Vaccine”…

Jian grapples with his low-status vaccine decision… – Instagram

Episode.111 (May/2021)


The Roqe funnies #9

Look out for the Persian Cat Army!

The Roqe Team grapples with Kyan’s history lesson about ancient Persians using cats to defeat the Egyptians… – Instagram

Episode.121 (June/2021)


The Roqe funnies #8

“Issa & Moossa Walk Into a Bar”…

Jian is surprised to learn the Persian names of important religious icons… – Instagram

Episode.119 (June/2021)


The Roqe funnies #7

“I got Pfizer! Which one you got?”…

Jian gets vaccinated only to find out his dose has no status with Persians… – Instagram

Episode.111 (May/2021)


The Roqe funnies #6

The “Goolakh” at the Gym…

Jian worries about Covid and a mammoth neighbour in the midst of a workout… – Instagram

Episode.49 (Oct/2020)


The Roqe funnies #5

“Mojtaba and the Garage”

Jian takes his car for a fix only to learn he needs to speak Persian… in Ontario. – Instagram

Episode.109 (May/2021)


The Roqe funnies #4

Charshanbe Soori and the “War Zone”

Jian is surprised when Shaya describes a holiday as a jolly occasion when bombs get thrown… – Instagram

Episode.94 (March/2021)


The Roqe funnies #3

The Puzzle of Persian Pizza

Jian is confounded by the fact that Iranians put ketchup on pizza… – Instagram

Episode.60 (Nov/2020)


The Roqe funnies #2

Shaya and the Disappearing Loobia Polo…

Jian wonders what happened to the container of loobia polo that was delivered to the office… – Instagram

Episode.58 (Nov/2020)


The Roqe funnies #1

Oogie and the Rasoo

Jian recounts the story of his French Bulldog’s fateful meeting with a skunk in the lane. – Instagram

Episode.47 (Sept/2020)


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