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  • Season 1
October 19, 2020
A feature interview with composer, producer, pianist, Reza Rohani. Reza joins Jian to discuss his journey from classical to jazz fusion music, celebrity status after a regular stint on a big TV show, success in social media, and following in the footsteps of his legendary father, Maestro Anoushiravan Rohani.
  • Season 1
October 15, 2020
A feature interview with Jane Lewisohn, Director of the Golha Project about her multi-year mission to preserve Persian culture, music, poetry and art from the 20th Century, particularly by digitizing and archiving the legendary Golha radio programs from pre-revolutionary Iran. And, Iranian-New Zealander psychologist Tina Parsamand on her decision to return to Tehran to help those in need of mental health counselling, her upbringing as an Iranian girl in a homogenous New Zealand, and her popular Instagram channel, “Insight with Tina Parsa.” Plus the Roqe Team with letters, and Jian tells the story of ordering “Canada Dry” as a 5-year old in 1970s Iran.
  • Season 1
October 12, 2020
A feature interview with Iranian-French tennis player, Aravane Rezai. Aravane joins Jian to reflect on her journey to #15 in the world, sacrifices along the way, stepping away from the game, and how she has found her inspiration again as a proud Iranian and French national. Plus the Roqe Team discusses the late Eddie Van Halen, group photos, and dips into the bulging mailbag with comments and letters about the Tribute to Shajarian special on Episode #51.
  • Season 1
October 9, 2020
A special edition of Roqe: A Tribute to Shajarian. On the day of the passing of the iconic Maestro Mohammad-Reza Shajarian, we are joined by important voices from the Iranian global community, including: Abbas Milani, Babak Amini, Arsalan Kamkar, Golrokh Aminian, Iraj Janati Ataie, Erfan, Hooman Khalatbari, Hamed Nikpay, Fariba Davoodi, Amir Koushkani, Farid Zoland, Safoura Safavi, Yahya Alkhansa , Hamid Motebassem and Ali Azimi.
  • Season 1
October 5, 2020
A feature interview with superstar Iranian-American comedian and actor, Maz Jobrani. Maz joins Jian for a more serious long-form conversation about his political leanings, identity, activism, and social media presence during a chaotic election year in America.
  • Season 1
October 1, 2020
A feature interview with Afghan-American actress, Azita Ghanizada. In addition to a prolific and successful career in TV and film, Azita is the founder the MENA Arts Advocacy Coalition. She joins Jian to discuss conscious casting, changing the white norms of Hollywood, and her personal strength in transforming life as a political refugee born into a conservative Muslim family of modest means, into a pursuit of her career passions at the highest level in the West and advocating for others. Plus the Roqe Thursday Team convenes for stories about going to the gym during covid, prepping for a photo shoot, and the Letters of the Week.
  • Season 1
September 28, 2020
An interview with musician, producer and Persian TRAP Music pioneer, Danny Asadi. Danny joins Jian on a wide-ranging musical chat to discuss how he invented his sound, inspiring trips to Iran as a teenager, his personal fusion of East and West, becoming an online sensation, and his billionaire ambitions.
  • Season 1
September 24, 2020
A feature interview with actor, dancer, inventive artist and creative sprite, Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam. Shahrokh joins Jian to talk about everything from career highs, to the energetic art of performance, to acting in different languages and the history of Persian dance. He also tells us why he would rather be a crow (the bird) than human. Plus, the Thursday Roqe Team reconvenes to discuss dogs, skunks, adventures and Persian words. And of course, the Letters of the Week.
  • Season 1
September 21, 2020
A feature interview with Iranian-American comedian and actor, Max Amini. In a wide-ranging conversation Max opens up to Jian about navigating comedy in difficult times, a knack for improvisation, the challenges of being an oddball American kid in revolutionary Iran, and his ongoing commitment to working hard and spreading positivity.
  • Season 1
September 17, 2020
Interviews with human rights activist, Hadi Ghaemi, legendary writer and activist Shahrnush Parsipur, and screenwriter and director Cyrus Nowrasteh. On the week of the execution of star wrestler Navid Afkari in Iran - and the resulting global outcry - Jian convenes three different perspectives and voices from the diaspora for feature interviews that deal with ongoing atrocities in Iran. As Executive Director of the Center for Human Rights in Iran, Hadi Ghaemi gives his thoughts on the recent uptick in political executions in Iran. Shahrnush Parsipur engages in a wide-ranging conversation with Jian on everything from writer’s block, to years in prison, to resilience, and not fearing Khomeini. And Cyrus Nowrasteh joins us on his latest feature film, “Infidel,” his journey as an Iranian-American storyteller, and his powerful and controversial film, “The Stoning of Soraya M.” Plus, the Roqe Thursday team convenes for option and Letters of the Week.
  • Season 1
September 14, 2020
An in-depth interview with legendary songwriter/composer Farid Zoland about compensation, copyright, and hoping to finally be paid what he deserves. The man behind dozens and dozens of hit songs in Persian music by icons like Googoosh, Dariush, Ebi and Hayedeh, joins Jian to talk about how he has received little to no significant compensation and recognition for a catalogue of melodies that most Iranians know by heart. The interview is conducted in both English and Farsi (with English subtitles).
  • Season 1
September 10, 2020
An interview with Iranian-American communications strategist, radio host, and national chair of Iranians Count, Bita Milanian, about the campaign to have people of Iranian descent in the United States sign up for the 2020 census. Plus classical guitar virtuoso Lily Afshar joins Jian to recount her journey from a kid in Tehran to the top stages of the world as a master classical guitarist. And the Roqe Team convenes with banter about squirrels, chicken wing mehmoonies, and the Letters of the Week.
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